An independent project that grew out of my senior industrial design project at California College Of The Arts.

I designed a series of experimental luxury body pillows. They’re unique shapes, and filled with natural down-alternative cotton cluster-fiber. The pattern design, and majority of sewing was executed by myself.



This pillow takes the form of a typical “Husband pillow”, but I’ve made the extremities five feet long. The long arms can coil around you, or you around them. The bigger form creates a totally unique experience.


I added a donut on the top on a typical body pillow cylinder. The empty ring can be used to place your arm or leg through it. You can also place the cylinder through the hole and build with them like a giant soft tinkertoy.

Hoodie Pillow

I deconstructed two jersey cotton sweaters, and resewed them into a body pillow cover. I kept same same cinch hood enclosure to attach it around the pillow. Adding a pocket to pillow give you a nice place to keep your hand when you’re wrapped around it.